I've been using Umbraco, the open source, .net based content management system for over four years now.

I am also an Umbraco Certified Professional, having completed my level 1 certification in October, 2009 and level 2 in 2011.

It's a great system, with a very open and supportive community that is always ready and willing to help out with any tips or solutions for your sites.

This was made even more apparent when I attended CodeGarden 2008, in sunny Copenhagen. It was great to meet Niels and Per, the founders of the system, as well as the many members of the core development team working tirelessly to make Umbraco even better.

I also got to meet many of the people around the world using Umbraco in their work, a few of which I've listed here:

I strongly recommend using Umbraco in your next project that requires any level of content management. It is extremely flexible, allows for complete control over rendered mark-up making it suitable for any design, and can be integrated and extended with any .net control, library or site.

And of course, I'm not being paid to say this, so you know it's true.